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The international experts in and manufacturers of polyurethane flexible foams since 1973.

PANTAFLEX cold foam

Uniform deflective behaviour and greater elasticity.

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FORMFIT® Komfortpolster

Branded foam for comfort while sitting or lying down.

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Utilisation of trim

Service and foam technology

Whether mattress cores, with or without contours, profile panels, cuts for technical use or upholstered furniture, upon request, we can also bring you our materials ready-shaped. Modern machinery plant enables the production of large batches in a very short time.

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Veenendaal is part of The Vita Group

Veenendaal has been part of The Vita Group, European leader in polymer technology and foam production since 1985. The Vita Group has branches in 14 countries, employing more than 2500 people. There are Vita Companies in Albania, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

For more information see The Vita Group website.