With the development of polyurethane over the last century, a unique material emerged, which is unmatched in its possible uses and versatility. Polyurethane flexible foams, via their high breathability and good warmth insulation, offer an ideal micro-climate.

Standard polyether foam materials
Polyether foam with a rounded and uniform cell structure.

A high-grade polyether foam with a rounded and uniform cell structure.

Rebonded foam
Off-cuts recycled.

Sustainable Foams - Orbis

Unique, flexible polyurethane (PU) foam made with raw materials sourced from plant-based polyols and recycled post-consumer foam mattresses.

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FORMFIT comfort upholstery
High-value, branded foam material for furniture and mattresses.

Maximum support and good aeration properties.

Low density with high compression hardness.

Viscoelastic foam materials
Foam material that distributes body weight and regulates heat.

Flame-retardant foam materials
Flame-retardant foams according to a variety of standards.

Anti-static foam materials
Anti-static and protective foams for packaging applications