Mattresses with optimal comfort

With first class pressure distribution and high elasticity, Veenendaal foams ensure that your mattresses display maximum comfort characteristics to improve sleep quality. The open-celled structure of our polyurethane foams guarantee high air permeability and an improved heat transfer within the mattress, which brings about the perfect sleeping temperature. As foam specialists, we know that mattresses are often made out of different foams, each of which having their own characteristics and functions. We will happily provide you with support in designing the optimal mattress, as well as developing new generations of mattresses.

Manufacturing service for mattresses

In addition to the production and delivery of a multiplicity of foam materials for industrial applications, we also undertake the further processing of foam materials, such as cutting, contouring, adhesion and packaging. Foam production occurs in-house according to your requirements and we will gladly advise you, so that the best product emerges at the lowest cost. As regards mattresses, we take care of the entire production; from manufacturing to packaging and dispatch, whereby your customer orders are sent directly from our system using your branding.

For mattresses we can take care of the entire production, packaging and shipment, whereby your customer orders are sent directly from our system under your brand name.



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